Both the color of the design and the dimensions of its structure, as well as the final width of the
decorative tapestry, movement of the elements that make it up,
modification of zones, etc. They can be adjusted at convenience and according to customer

Very fast and agile process. Depending on the pattern, typology of the design and the need to
locate natural materials, it may fluctuate, although the suppression of the cylinder engraving
considerably shortens the creation and elaboration times of a new original design, being the time
of delivery of approximately 15 days.

YOUR IDEA! Any type of decorative design can be faithfully reproduced by MIMMETIC since we
work with a wide variety of suppliers, both in marble, stone, wood (we work in veneer, solid plank
or lamellae) and textiles. Being a specific design on demand, we also work with the contribution
of originals (whether physical or in digital format).

We work under several premises. Flexibility and customer support throughout the production
process and subsequent professional collaboration. We offer really competent minimum order
quantity so that the client does not have to store more paper than they intend to consume,
avoiding stocks and thus possible obsolescence. If the design doesn’t work, it can be kept until
they decide to remove it from your portfolio. In the case of being one of the elements that make
up the design itself (cracks, knots, tablet marking, frieze, etc.), can be redesigned to provide it
with other characteristics.

From MIMMETIC we update and inform through a monthly NEWSLETTER of all the news, as well
as the promotion through the networks social. On the website you can access the complete
collections with the news of the new designs in clear harmony with the trends current decoration

No, we have competitive and fair prices to the traditional printing sector.

Ask for what you need. Our machine absorbs a production of 5,000 tons per year, which allows us
to adapt to any need. From a few kilos to higher volumes, always maintaining flexibility and
adapting it to the client’s needs.