We are MIMMETIC. The first purely digital company dedicated to the production of decorative paper for furniture, coverings, doors and other building materials.

We are innovation. The first to bet on 100% digital printing. We streamline the production system by significantly reducing delivery time: from scanner to printer. Our digital printer provides us with a high
photographic quality in printing. We have no limits.

We are creativity. We study market trends in order to offer emerging designs. We offer greater flexibility in creating designs and we make custom designs. Our designs have a very high degree of realism. We mimic our environment without limitations.

We are change. Our designs are XXL, without repetitions; with measures up to 210 cm wide and unlimited lengths. We get multi-color and multi-contrast. We eliminate the need for stocking. We only store digital information. We do not discontinue. Our designs are timeless.


noticias 2020
noticias 2020



At MIMMETIC we carry out an exhaustive trend study to detect customer needs and emerging designs. This allows us to anticipate the market, devising and creating designs based on the trends detected.

To provide a demanding degree of realism to our designs, we carry out a meticulous search process for the original material (wood, stones, marble, nature ...) and we work it by hand to achieve the desired tonality, shape and texture. The result is digitized using a high definition, large format scanner. This tool allows us to obtain originals that cover our standard measurements of 250 cm long by 210 cm wide, without repeating the design. The procedure is completely digital, going directly from the scanner to the printer.

Our digital printing technology allows us to work with high production speeds (135 linear meters per minute) and excellent print quality, achieving much more gamut and more vivid colors, compared to conventional printing. We have an extraordinary image bank, thanks to our constant search for new trends.

But if you do notfind what you are looking for, we will create an exclusive custom design for your project.




Unlimited Color Design


Interior design has been elaborated thinking
in furniture, door and paneled.
We create the FLOORING designs for your application
on pavements. We extend its use to other areas,
thus homogenizing the projects.

LOSÁN is a family business that was born in 1964 by the brothers Manuel, Luís and Emilio López Sánchez. Its innovative and pioneering character contributed to this small carpentry located in Curtis, a small Galician town, evolving until it was in direct competition with the most important panel companies worldwide. Currently, LOSÁN is the world's leading exporter of wood veneer.

LOSÁN's main strength at the national level is melamine, an organic compound used for the manufacture ofboards - Mainly intended for the creation of furniture - With a very visual finish and with a wide variety of colors and designs. The usual practice of board producing companies is to purchase decorative paper from external suppliers (printers). This makes final production difficult because:

  • It is an added expense to the product.
  • Extends waiting times in production.
  • It generates an excess of stock due to the minimum purchase requirement.
  • Create a total dependence on deliveries and times.

MIMMETIC was born from the need to take a further step in business evolution, with the aim of eliminating these obstacles and being able to offer better service to customers. This growth represents a new step in the business strategy, completing the production chain, and makes LOSÁN the first panel company to invest in an internal production of decorative paper. The pioneering nature of the company means that, in this evolution, it opts for an emerging production process, 100% digital printing, making MIMMETIC the firstpaper company with a single production system: digital printing. ​​​